Stand out from the rest with an individual sound.

Richard creates tailor-made music to your brief using his experience, knowledge and expertise. Producing the highest quality music that perfectly syncs with your visuals, whilst encompassing the exact instrumentation, mood, tempo and emotion that you are envisioning.

Using the right music and sound effects are integral parts of any production. Richard can bring your vision and his sound together be it for a TV commercial, online film, film trailer, video, computer game or any visual which requires that bespoke touch. Equally he can create music for radio jingles and background music for events and presentations.

Examples of music written for clients' websites, videos and presentations:

Butterflies' Wings

"Ti Amo" an EDM idea

"Edison Heights" a cop show idea

"Catch Me If You Can" a tailor-made composition

"Ghost Ship Returns" soundtrack for a Video

"The Secret Wardrobe" a bespoke music request

"St Kilda's - An Unforgettable Journey" meditative soundtrack