Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows is the new album from Richard Lane. A collection of 11 largely autobiographical tracks about his faith, his lack of faith, his conviction and lack of conviction, the hypocrisy of some sanctimonious Christians, and about the search for a God who ultimately loves us but sometimes appears missing.

With the exception of a traditional old Sunday school song, given an amazing new treatment by the brilliant jazz pianist and arranger, Nick Manson, and a song with lyrics and music by Andrew Lane, all the music is composed, arranged, produced, performed and sung by Richard. Apart from Nick Manson, the album features some notable session musicians who you can read about in the online booklet "Out of the Shadows".

Here is a video overview of Richard's album.

Hard copy CDs are available to order by filling in the Contact Form on this website. Alternatively the album is available online via iTunes and Amazon - and, CD Baby, by clicking on the "BUY NOW" button on the right.


"Richard Lane’s songs touch the elusive space between recollection and regret, a secret place of half formed memories, faded baggage and past hurts. And in the telling there is a healing, and a promise of a brighter morning.

This album is that hardest of musical feats, a musician who has known the joys and the pains of faith, singing with clear-eyed vision of the way back from heartbreak and loss. It’s a journey Richard charts with raw honesty, grace and a compelling brio."

Neil Chenoweth, Senior Investigative Writer, Australian Financial Review, Murdoch biographer