We know how frustrating it can be when you want to know the cost of something and you can’t find it anywhere on the website! There are so many different facets to the composition of music that it is not possible to quantify a price without knowing exactly what it is you require, however, prices generally start at £50 for a basic voice-over and can go up to £950 for a bespoke song composition, depending on its arrangement and instrumentation.

The following criteria will have a direct impact on the price you will pay: 

  • are you singing the song yourself or hiring Richard or another session singer?
  • the length of your song/piece of music
  • do you want a full band arrangement or one instrument accompaniment, i.e. a piano or guitar?
  • do you want live international session musicians?
  • do you want a midi arrangement or a full band?
  • do you want it professionally mixed and/or mastered?
  • how much your budget is for mixing and mastering (mixing and mastering engineers' fees will vary)?
  • do you want a basic video with it (still picture videos available - you provide the photos)?
  • do you want it gifted in our presentation box?

If you would like Richard to give you a 'no obligation' free quote, then please fill in the ‘contact form’ and you can then discuss your requirements with him by ‘phone.